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  1. 5 New Classical Discoveries
    12 Dec, 2017
    5 New Classical Discoveries
    What is your streaming preference?  Do you create playlists?  I have sampled multiple music streaming platforms from Pandora to Grooveshark.  Which platforms have you used?  My go-to streaming preference right now is Spotify.  I love that it allows me the freedom to create my own personal playlists.  And of course, Spotify has almost everything... from every possible genre! Enjoy this short list of classical masterpieces I recently discovered.  Give them a quick listen, find them on your
  2. Nathan Owens
    05 Dec, 2017
    Introduction: TAKE NOTE! with Nate - his new music blog
    Join me every week as I explore a variety of topics pertaining to music.  Throughout my life people have asked me questions that I may or may not have had the answer to.  Why do some pianos have three pedals?  Does the middle pedal have a function?  My intention is to confront these questions with simple-to-understand answers.   This blog will also explore current music, film music, music history stories, barbershop harmony and really anything else I have recently discovered and find